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Our story is the  story of honest information, customized mattress solutions with exceptional value. The team at ISA, a premier custom mattress maker based in Kolkata, West Bengal takes great pride in staying true to our founding principles: providing honest advice and building highquality mattresses designed to give you the best rest and value possible. Quality, not quantity, has been ISA’s motto for over 42 years. Since opening our doors in 1972, our team of expert craftsmen have designed and constructed mattresses and sleep products for clients across Eastern India. Sleep Boutique brought a change in the very concept of choosing a mattress in the modern times. Sleep Boutique offers its clients to sleep test mattresses in their collection, in a discreetly designed custom bedrooms and allows them a firsthand experience for the perfect sleep. Sleep Boutique's sleep specialists listens to your concerns and offer you an honest expert opinion to help you choose the right mattress for your needs and budget. Come and experience the Difference with the Sleep Boutique..!! 

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